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Posted on March 28 2014

We love hearing about how our customers use our products and the stories of how they came up with these ideas. Just when I thought I had thought of it all…

Sharon from California uses our Vitamin Pod to hold her sons Lego people when they go out, they help distract him when they go out for dinner,  Alexandra from Chicago used her Jewelry Sac as an evening bag when she realized she forgot a clutch on her trip. Nancy scored big points with her boyfriend when his button fell off and she remembered she had a sewing kit in her emergency tin. (Kudos to her she is only 21 and she can sew!)

And Stephanie, who uses her Waist Band to carry her Ruger LCP while she jogs at night, apparently it fits perfectly and it stays in place. 

Thank you to Debbie in Montreal for blogging  your favorite MYTAGALONGS. Merci Debbie!









  • Lori Ray: July 11, 2014

    I found my tagalong at TJmaxx in Ny city, it was the greatest find, I am so impressed that I plan to buy a dozen as gifts and so I will never be without one, love love love this so much, t have thanks

  • Kelly H: June 25, 2014

    Love the vitamin pod! Found the violet floral one at TJ Maxx. Over the past year, I’ve been prescribed multiple medications. This was the perfect solution for keeping everything organized. Functional, compact, durable, pretty, and inexpensive. perfect!

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