Life's little mishaps...

Posted on August 19 2014

You know how there are those familiar little emergencies that just happen to happen to everyone at least once? Well, we’re doing a situation check otherwise known as Remember When. Have any of these ever happened to you?

Despite your best efforts at perfection, you…

  1. Lost a button – right at the bust line of your oh-so-professional white blouse – while out for dinner with important clients
  2. Realized when you’re halfway to the party that your sexy LBD is a little over-eager in the side boob department
  3. Pulled out your vitamin sorter and realized it’s butt ugly and probably twice the size of your Grandma’s pill case
  4. Kept your phone in your bra during your run and ended up with sweat induced water damage

We’ve got the antidote for each of these emergencies and it’s called MYTAGALONGS. No matter where you go, you’ll want to keep one of them handy.



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