EpiPen Waist Band

Posted on January 21 2016

We wanted to share a really nice letter that we got from a customer today, we love getting feedback (good or bad)), and this made our day! Thanks Michelle!

"I wanted to express a huge thank you for creating the Epipen waist band.  I have been searching for something for my son to carry it in since a previous maker stopped making them (about 5 years ago). Your design is perfect-nice and small to pack them safe, marked so that people are aware of what it contains, great material to weather well and fashionable (to not be embarrassed carrying it).  We usually replace them each year so I purchased two at a local store that we found them at and really hope that you continue carrying them in the future at the current affordable price so we can continue to find them as needed. Thanks again."


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  • Becky Hodson: February 24, 2016

    so happy to find the EpiPen Waste Band for our teenager with a food allergy. It works great to carry epi and other needed meds. the design is perfect to identify that it is a medical resource

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