B&W Classics on Netflix!

Posted on March 31 2017

Black and White movies are the epitome of glamour. 

While your day-to-day schedule may not have the allure of a black and white movie, you can get your fix with the our latest collection, Nouveau Noir . Take your pick from several technology cases, waist pouches, and even a yoga mat carrier.

In the meantime, pop come corn, grab a blanket and enjoy these B&W classics that are sure to keep your attention. 

PS - They are all available on Netflix! 


Sunset Boulevard

What do you get when an old Hollywood movie star entices a young screenwriter to move in with her and write her script? Pure craziness. Especially when the screenwriter falls in love with another woman and wants to develop another script.


A Gentleman’s Agreement

Though Philip Green is new to New York City, he has everything going for him. He even falls in love! However, his newspaper series on Anti-Semitism begins to create problems for his relationship and his son, Tom. Can the relationship survive?


To Kill A Mockingbird

Many people say To Kill a Mockingbird was their favorite book, and in this case, the movie is just as good as the book. Join Scout as she discovers the racial injustice in her town and what happens when her father, Atticus, tries to fight it.


Teacher’s Pet

In this Academy Award Nominated film, a newspaper editor enrolls in night school to get closer to the teacher. Though he’s falling for her, she is not feelin’ the love. Recognize the setup? Somehow we think they’ll find their way to happily every after.


Don’t Bother to Knock

This may not be one of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous flicks, but that doesn’t it isn’t worth of the screen siren. Finding a rebound to date after being dumped seems like a harmless way to get over someone right? Not in this movie; the rebound can be very, very dangerous.


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