Posted on April 28 2017

We know, it’s been a long winter. Don't fret, because summer is just around the corner! Can’t wait for the warmer weather? Grab a few of these fantastic items from the MyTagalongs Endless Summer Collection, and you’ll always have a little bit of summer sunshine with you!



Endless Summer Cosmetic Bag- Orange

Doesn’t this sunset look sensational? This case will look as good sitting on your bathroom counter as it does in a suitcase. It’s roomy enough to hold everything you need and is super easy to clean.


Zipper Passport Wallet- Orange

It’s travel time, baby. Never lose track of that super important passport. You’ll be glad you have this colorful pouch when you reach in your bag and can easily find your important travel documents.


Earbud Case- Pink

Please stop shoving your headphones in your purse. It just gets them all tangled, and you end up frustrated. Do yourself, and your earbuds, a favor and let them hang out in this awesome case while you’re not using them.


Vitamin Pod- Lime

Want to be Mary Poppins level prepared? Keep track of your medications in this vibrant little pod. There are 7 deep compartments to keep everything organized so those little pills or vitamins don’t get lost.


Island Pouch- Pink

This is going to be your new BFF. Need a fun clutch for an evening out? Use this! Going to the pool? Stash your phone inside to protect it from the sand and water. Running late? Throw your makeup in there to take with you so you can sneak in some makeup touch-ups when you get a chance.


Splash Proof Pouch

Let’s be real, it can be really hard to put down your phone no matter where you are. MyTagalongs to the rescue! Slip your phone inside to keep it safe from water. The plastic acts like a touch screen so you’ll be able to Instagram to your hearts content!


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