Posted on March 22 2017

Who’s ready to work out?

If you didn’t raise your hand, you’re not alone. Getting in a good workout can be tough but we’ve got the cure for you: try something new! A workout that’s totally different from your normal routine will wake you up revitalize your sweat sessions.

We even have some great options to get your started ;)


Surfset Fitness

If you’re looking to work on your beach bod, check out this surf inspired class. You perform exercises on the surfboard, which help engage your core and stabilizing muscles to sculpt lean muscles.  



Barre Classes

These dance inspired classes are great even if you don’t have a background in ballet. Plus, there are tons of different types of these classes everywhere so it’s easy to find one in an area near you.

Trampoline Classes

This will totally take you back to your childhood. Whether you’re in your own backyard or a studio, all you have to do is bounce it out to burn those calories. Store your stuff in the Mandala Walking bag while you’re jumping so things don’t fly out of your pockets!



The streamline moves of rowing tone your body with a low-impact workout. Though many gyms have a single machine in the corner, studios full of rowing machines, like Row17, are popping up so you can enjoy a great community and energizing instruction.


The Axle Workout

This exercise involves a lightweight training bar with wheels at both ends.  It may look like a barbell, but it’s only 10lbs! The best part: if you can’t get to a class, you can do all the exercises with items in your home! Grab your laundry detergent, two dishtowels, and the Mandala Armband Touch, and you have all the gear you need.


Hip Hop Yoga

Yoga is super relaxing, but if you’re just as relaxed listening to your favorite tunes, this is totally for you! Yoga sessions are paired with an artist or two so you can move to the beat. For a great workout at home, just hit play on your go-to album and Namaste.


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