Riding Solo - 5 trips to do on your own

Posted on April 20 2017

Sometimes having ME TIME  is a good thing. That’s why jetting off on a solo vacation can be amazing. You won’t regret taking time for yourself and having an adventure you’ll never forget.

Start planning a trip to one of these destinations!



For the ultimate tropical getaway, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, lush vegetation, and sparkling waters of Bali. Recharge with a yoga class or do some meditation to recharge your body and soul. Don’t forget to grab an Endless Summer Carry All (Teal/Lime) to stash all your essentials while you shop the local markets for that perfect souvenir.


Chicago, United States

If you want something a little closer to home, visit the Windy City. Though it gives you the feeling of being in the big city, it also offers spectacular parks and beautiful views of the river if you’re missing a little nature. Between museum hopping, river architecture tours, and plenty of shopping, you’ll never run out of things to do.



Tap into the Luck of the Irish with a trip to the Emerald Isle. Whether you wander through the small towns or adventure out to the stunning scenery, the charm and magic of Ireland will totally win you over. Make sure to keep your phone and money in an Endless Summer Beach Clutch (Mint) to keep them safe against the pouring rain or accidental spills of beer.



Take a vacation Down Under to cross some fantastic things off your bucket list. Schedule time at the Great Barrier Reef or a sunrise walk in the Outback to get the most of your journey. Australia is a huge country, but you can take tons of day trips to see everything you want to see. Make sure to keep track of your bags with the Endless Summer Luggage Tag (Aqua).



Bloggers and travellers rave about their time in this country because there’s a little bit of everything there. Portugal offers delicious food, beautiful castles, and wonderful cities that you won’t want to miss. You can even participate in walking tours so you can soak in all the history and architecture at once!



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