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From the company who introduced the world to ready-to-wear disposable underwear, comes an exciting new line of  lifestyle accessories that are specifically designed to save time and make life a little easier. From purse organizers to tool cards, totes to stackable jars for favorite creams, MYTAGALONGS has created a wealth of well-designed, practical accessories that can be conveniently stashed at the office, in the car or in a purse.

MYTAGALONGS interviewed over 200 women across Canada, delving into their handbags in order to understand their daily needs. The problem today is that when it comes to organizing their lives, women don´t have time to shuttle from store to store to find the items that they require With MYTAGALONGS, we wanted to create a destination brand that groups together fun, fashionable items that answer most of women´s real life needs.

Designed for work, travel and every day life, MYTAGALONGS accessories help women to be prepared for anything that life might throw at them. Presented as individual items, mini-kits and kits, these accessories can tackle most situations from an unraveled hem and a crushed tampon, to packing strategically. 

A woman´s day can veer in several different directions in 24 hours. We have created handy, stylish accessories that women can easily tote from activity to activity so that they are always polished and prepared no matter what they are doing. 

MYTAGALONGS are simple solutions for the woman on the move and make an ideal, original gift for all of her friends who are moving along with her.


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